What is Fissure Sealant?

This is a sealant that is used by professional to help protect your teeth especially the back molars and hard to reach area. You don't want holes or decay in the top of your back teeth... think about having sealants applied to your back teeth!
Because the chewing surface of teeth can be quite difficult to keep clean and often teeth have very fine grooves(fissures) and pits which are too small for toothbrush bristles to reach, dentists have developed a technique of "sealing" these grooves. Ask the dentist whether fissure sealants would be good for your teeth. A fissure sealant is a tooth coloured or white "plastic" film that can be applied to the top or chewing surface of back teeth. Generally sealants are only applied to adult or permanent teeth. Usually we need to wait until a tooth is fully erupted before a sealant can be applied.

Why Fissure Seal Your Teeth?

It is important to protect your teeth you only have one set of molar teeth that your body provides, so good oral hygiene and Fissure sealing these teeth is the most effective treatment in preventing decay you can do in keeping these teeth for as long as possible. In children and adolescents the chewing surface of the tooth is the most vulnerable to decay, this is why the professional team here at Dento Mak Epping recommend fissure sealants Although fissure sealants may wear down over years a tooth that has not had the professional treatment of fissure sealant is five times more likely to develop decay than a tooth that is being protected by a fissure sealant. . If the sealants have worn down they can simply be re-applied
This Treatment is Non Invasive and we often seal the tooth with a tooth coloured material, protecting your teeth from harmful plaque and acids. The treatment of sealing the fissure on the teeth is both comfortable and non-invasive. The teeth are professional clean by one of our qualified dentists here at Dento Mak in Epping then the fissure are coated with a tooth coloured sealant. The material that is applied to the fissures is a set with a blue light which allows them to set immediately. Occasionally, if a fissure is very deep or there early signs of decay, the fissure sealant may become invasive. This is where the fissure is opened up to allow adequate cleaning and proper penetration of the sealant.

What To Expect

What to expect on a General Procedure of fissure sealing a tooth from the team at Dento Mak Epping:

  • The surface of the tooth is thoroughly cleaned and dried , as saliva and food particles can affect the bond of the fissure sealant to the tooth.
  • The surface of the tooth is then coated with an etching solution to ensure the sealant sticks to the tooth surface.
  • The tooth coloured liquid is then applied with the sealant then gently flows into the grooves and pits
  • The sealant is then set with the blue light allowing time for this to set completely
  • Once set our dentists will check your bite to ensure that you feel comfortable as slight adjustments may be needed
  • There are no injections needed as this is simply applying a protective coating
  • And there are also no side effects and you can eat and drink as soon as the fissure sealant is set

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